Maremma and its surroundings

Discovering the surrounding of Maremma Tuscany.

Podere Dorotea, in the province of Grosseto, near the Wine Route of "Monteregio Massa Marittima" is waiting to welcome you in its apartments furnished in rustic Tuscan style, with a splendid view over the hills of Roccastrada, Montemassi Sassofortino and Montepescali.



SIENA 50 Km (50min)
FIRENZE 130 Km (2H 00min)
PISA 150 Km (1H 40min)
VOLTERRA 97 Km (1H 30min)
S. GIMIGNANO 93 Km (1H 30min)
SATURNIA 80 Km (1H 20min)
SOVANA 95 Km (1H 30min)
PITIGLIANO 98 Km (1H 35min)


Montepescali is one of the many small hamlets of the Province of Grosseto, situated in the hinterland to the north of the capital of the Maremma, lying on top of a hill overlooking the Ombrone valley not far from from the most famous "Metallifere Hills".

Montepescali is also called "Terrace or balcony of the Maremma", due to the height and not far distance from the coastal area, you can see, the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, and in days of visibility also the Corsica. The historical origins of the village of Montepescali, like many others in the surrounding area, are medieval as you can see the walls, with the "Torre Senese," and the "Palazzo dei Priori", actually Town Hall palace, and the presence of many Romanesque churches.

To remember for historical and cultural important also Torre del Belvedere, Torre del Guascone, Porta Vecchia e Nuova, Baluardo a tre punte, Palazzo Grottanelli, Palazzo Guadagni, Palazzo Guicciardini Corsi Salviati, Palazzo Tolomei, Palazzo Lazzeretti Concialini.


Sassofortino is a fraction of the Roccastrada municipality near Roccatederighi, the village have late medieval origins, and is lying about 560 meters above sea level. Controlled by the Republic of Siena and then attached to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany following the fall of Siena power. Sassofortino is surrounded by woods chestnut and in the lush surroundings that preserves and protects the building of the castle of Sassoforte and its impressive ruins, not far from the town and search for willing lanes and alleyways characteristic.


Roccatederighi is a fraction of the Roccastrada municipality, and is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in the province of Grosseto, who has kept all the historical aspects and typical of the past. Surrounded by chestnut trees and vineyards Roccatederighi is on a hill not far from the beaches of the Maremma coast and the main towns of Tuscany. The tradition that characterizes the internal walls of the castle is particularly strong on the occasion of the celebrations of the "Festival Village" a Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month of August when you will see walking through the narrow streets actors in medieval costumes, attending performances and processes, and subsequent convictions A bit of healthy competition between the lands of "the Course", "the Noble", "Tower", the "Sunset" and "Sucker" is the "Palio of donkeys" where they challenge to win the prize.


Montemassi is a medieval town that has had a troubled history elapsed between revolts and achievements for the independence from the various medioeval hegemonies for obtain the freedom Montemassi è rappresentato in un affresco di Simone Martini all'interno del Palazzo Comunale di Siena, Montemassi is represented in a painting by Simone Martini in the Palazzo Comunale in Siena, which is represented the seizure of the village by Fogliano Guidoriccio from the Republic of Siena. To remember for historical and cultural important the Montemassi Wall, St. Andrea Apostolo and St. Maria delle Grazie churches.

Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima is a town in the north of the Province of Grosseto, about 400mt above sea level, from the medieval origins and rich and glorious historical past that saw the city as one of the free municipalities of Tuscany. The surrounding area is located on the plains of the Maremma, crossed by Pecora and Bruna rivers and not far from "Accesa" Lake, and from "Metallifere".

Massa Marittima is known for the beauty and the preservation of historical heritage and the original city plan, but also for the production of wine, the Monteregio of Massa Marittima, consisting of Sangiovese and Trebbiano, for the production of Panforte, Cavallucci and Ricciarelli sweets, which differ in the recipe, from the most popular packaged in Siena.

To remember for historical and cultural important: Cattedrale di San Cerbone, il Palazzo del Podestà, il Palazzo dei conti di Biserno e quello Comunale, il Museo di Arte e Storia delle Miniere, la Torre del Candeliere.

To remember the famous event named "Balestro del Girifalco" organized every year on the Sunday closest to May 20 and the second Sunday in August, organized every year on the Sunday closest to May 20 and the second Sunday in August, in which 24 crossbowmen challenge at the best center by thirty-six meters away.